Thursday, 15 April 2010

Embroiderer's Guild Weekend

I went on an Embroiderer’s Guild weekend to Folkestone.   There were 2 workshops, and I attended the one on Beadwork.  The Tutor was Heide Jenkins.  She brought along a lot of her jewellery and we made some of it over the weekend. 

 There was a Necklace with Interlocking Triangles so  I made  two triangles, and sewed them together to make a Star of David.   .  The other piece I made is a Kings Soloman’s Knot.

After this I made a pair of Dancing Leaves Earrings, and some pretty ones with tiny leaves on strings.   

This is my work station and as you can see Lorcan came along to help me out with the more difficult techniques.  I think he enjoyed the weekend by the sea. 

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